Huge Black Friday Offer

Save more than ₦15, 000 from this Sweet Deal!!! where you get 8 items at a very cheap and  affordable price when you order NOW.

With our Black Friday Offer You Get these :

  1.  A  Vintage Rechargeable wireless/cordlessClipper( this is a all purpose clipper).

     2. A  Chaoba Professional Electric Wire clipper(this is useful in places you can have access to electric socket or when you are in your house and for removing stubborn hairs from your body but not for private parts}.

     3. A  Cleaning Powder Brush(this removes sticky hair from your body after shaving or barbing).

     4. A  lubricating oil(this is good for smooth running of these clippers in all situations).

     5. A  Clipper Bag(this makes your clipper and your barbing accessories conveyable from one place to another without stress)

     6. A  Hair Brush(this smothens your hair for clean and easy cut before and after shave , and it also makes you look clean after barbing or shaving)

     7. A  Barbing Cape(this prevents hair from getting stocked on all your body after shaving or barbing)

     8. Aftershave 125ml( this prevents bumps and aftershave rashes)

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Below is a Breakdown of the Individual Prices of Each of the Items on a Normal Day.

  • A    Vintage  Rechargeable Professioinal Wireless/Cordless clipper = ₦17,500
  • A    Chaoba Electric Wire Clipper =₦10,500
  • A    Cleaning Powder Brush = ₦1,500
  • A    Lubricating Oil  =₦3,000
  • A    Clipper Bag =₦2,500
  • A    Hair  Brush =₦1,500
  • A   Barbing   Cape =₦4,000
  • A   Sure Aftershave 125ml =₦2,000.

Total Amount is 42,500

But You Can Get Everything today for just ₦25,000

You Get to Save up Exactly ₦17,500 from this Sweet Deal!!!


  We realise that owning a clipper is not the only thing that makes us look good, beautiful and healthy after shaving and barbing . And that there are other ingredients that enhances our  look after shaving or barbing. As we all know that barbers does not just shave our hair and tells us to stand up and go home. They add some ingredients to our body after shaving or barbing. This is why people will still need to go to the barber even after they have their own personal clipper and even when they can shave and barb by themself or can get someone to shave or barb them .

  Moreover, we must understand that owning a clipper is not the only thing we need to do for us to prevent ourself from contracting  diseases in this present world. We must know that  using the barbing cape, hair brushes, powder brush from a commercial barbing centre exposes us to different kinds and types of diseases.  Hence, we should get our own full barbing accessories kit for us to remain healthy in world we are in today.  This is why we came up with this sweet deal for you.

Please note that the two clippers that are added to this deal has different usefulness and cannot be over emphasized on.  You can call or whatsapp us on 08112540593 to ask us questions as regards this.

NOTE: Please Do Not Click on the Button Below if You…
  1. are not ready to buy  this week due to lack of money as the bonus offer expires by this weekend and it shall from then go back to the normal price even  after you have ordered but you are not available to recieve it;
  2. will not be around to accept it when it is sent to you;
  3. will not take calls when called nor respond to messages when contacted;
  4. will not provide your Name, Address for Delivery and Phone Number on which you can be called; 
  5. just wants to make an enquiry and not to buy.
For mere enquiries, you can reach us via call or WhatsApp message on 08112540593.

NORMAL PRICE: ₦42, 500